Overview of WOTCA


Wildwood Ocean Towers Condominium Association (WOTCA) is an incorporated condominium association governed by a volunteer (7) seven-member Board of Directors elected by the owners. Officers include a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer (who may or may not be a Director). The firm of Lowenstein Sandler PC of Roseland, NJ currently provides legal counsel to the association. Please click here for a full list of WOTCA active Board members, Officers and support staff.

The Board of Directors directs the operation of Wildwood Ocean Towers through a management staff employed by WOTCA. This staff manages the day to day operations of Wildwood Ocean Towers common areas, facilities and financial matters. We have a year round Condominium Manager, Maintenance Manager and Office Manager. This staff provides all administrative, Security, maintenance, custodial, recreational services and personnel for Ocean Towers.

WOT is unique in that we have both commercial and residential units within our two towers (buildings). There are approximately 25 commercial units, some of which are accessed via the boardwalk and others from the mezzanine. We also have 176 residential units (88 in each building).

Web Site

Our Communications Committee maintains a web site for WOT. The URL for the site is www.wildwoodoceantowers.org. The site has current information about various activities at WOT plus a section that only our owners can access, called “Owners’ Only.” This section contains, among other things, an email and contact list for the owners who have opted to provide that information. Other features will be available as development continues. We encourage you to access the site often to stay current on what’s happening at WOT.


The committee was created to act as liaison between our architect, engineer, contractor and the Board of Directors in matters relating to exterior design (as opposed to structural) issues during our building renovations. The role has since expanded to include interior design issues. The committee’s vision is to make Ocean Towers a premiere ocean front condominium from a design perspective. It is the committee’s mission to advise and oversee all design related matters. In addition to continuing its’ work on our exterior renovations, the committee is charged with developing a 3-to-5-year plan outlining building design upgrades, both interior and exterior, and estimating budget needs for the improvements.

Budget and Finance

The Budget and Finance Committee plans and oversees the financial activity of Wildwood Ocean Towers Condominium Association. The committee chair is the liaison to the association’s auditor. The vision of the Budget and Finance Committee is to make Ocean Towers financially stable. Its mission is to ensure sound fiscal management.

This committee is responsible for all direct, non-personal communications between the Board of Directors, owners, and staff. The committee maintains the WOTCA web site and publishes the quarterly newsletter. Its vision is to enhance communication so as to improve the relationships between owners, staff, and community. Included in its mission, among other things, is to seek out ways to continually improve communication while reducing costs.

The Election Committee oversees the Board of Director elections for our September Annual meeting. Ordinarily this committee is “in session” for 6 to 8 weeks preceding the election. Their mission is to ensure our election procedures are in compliance with our governing documents while simplifying the process for both nominees and “voters.”

Master Deed/By-Laws
The Master Deed/By-Laws Committee serves as a pool of expertise to ensure that the Association adheres to the requirements outlined in the Master Deed and By-Laws while remaining cognizant of the New Jersey Condominium Act. The committee’s vision and mission are to continually examine our governing documents to ensure they enable us to operate our property in compliance with our Vision, Mission Statement, and Goals.

The original purpose of the Safety Committee was to be the liaison between the Wildwood Fire Department and Ocean Towers. The Committee’s duties have expanded to include all safety aspects at the Towers. The Committee’s vision/mission is to make Ocean Towers a safe place to live and work and to be an example to other condominiums in regards to safety.

One of the primary goals we are striving to achieve at WOTCA is better communication and improved relationships among owners. One method for accomplishing that goal is for people to get together for social activities. This committee is charged with that task.

Special Projects

This is a committee which will take on miscellaneous projects which are assigned to owners and/or directors. Some examples include: Sale of T-Shirts with Ocean Towers logo... Alternate dispute resolution procedures.... Suggestion box items. The group will not function as a committee but rather a grouping of “mini-committees” each working on their own projects. The chairperson is responsible for keeping the projects on track and on target for completion.